Dairy company offers glass bottle delivery, vending machine refills

Home & Garden 19/05/2018
Photo: Unsplash.

Milk in a glass bottle may not be as forgotten as one would expect. A dairy farm in Nelson is offering “nostalgia-in-a-bottle” with its bottled milk delivery service and refill service points.

Oaklands Milk sells its fresh, A2 pasteurised milk in reusable glass bottles, which can be delivered to homes or refilled at seven vending machines throughout the region.

If you want farm fresh milk, you buy ours.

Julian Raine from Oaklands Milk tells RadioLIVE that using refillable bottles uses “a fraction of the impact” compared with plastic milk containers.

For those looking to fill up at a vending machine, individuals bring their own vessel for the fill-up. But Mr Raine says that 99 percent of customers bring their own glass bottle.

Oaklands Milk cows produce A2 milk.

He estimates that about 2,000 people have been filling up at the machines so far.

With plastic becoming an increasingly scrutinised resource in New Zealand, Oaklands Milk could be on to something huge. Beyond its refillable model, Mr Raine tells RadioLIVE that its A2 milk is “more tummy friendly” than its A1 counterpart.

“Our customers say our milk is a lot easier to digest,” he tells Tony Murrell and Helen Jackson.

The “farm fresh” milk is expected to be good for 7-10 days.

Listen to the full interview with Julian Raine above. 

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