Tony's tip of the week

Home & Garden 07/04/2018
Photo: Getty.

Social media feeds are talking about getting your lawn renovations underway. One of the best things you can do is study up on the environmental effects of home lawns. As such, you might look further into reducing the size of your lawn or doing away with it all.

I designed a garden near Taupo at Whakamaru Dam where native and exotic plants and large local gravel paved areas were the preference over large rolling lawns.

Top tips for reducing your environmental impact:

  1. Consider a mulching mower over a traditional catcher mower. The mulching mower reseeds the lawn with its own clippings. But be warned – this mower requires a regular cutting at least once a week.
  2. Dethatching is a good way of lifting the build-up of dead matter in your lawn, which can be done several ways.
  3. When sourcing seed for new lawns, always check with local merchants as there could be a seed better suited to your local environment.

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