Tony's tip of the week

Home & Garden 14/04/2018
Photo: Unsplash.

In many parts of New Zealand, there has been sufficient rainfall that has not only wet the surface of the ground but also penetrated the top layer heading down deeper into the soil. Soil in nature is covered, so this theory of uncovered soil for neatness is archaic and not from this land.

If you currently have bare soil and or waiting for planting season ahead, one of the best things you can do now to do is add a thick layer of mulch. My favourite types of mulch are derived from trees and include leaves, twigs, branches and bark. They are all shredded up and laid to protect the soil.

The ground must be damp and check with your spade first because if you add mulch to dry ground moisture will not get in.

Landscape supply yards are your second place to try after first contacting a local arborist. Try to be selective with your munch as some arborists could have felled seed laden weeds.

Composted mulches are your safest bet as they have naturally reached a temperature in excess of 65 degrees, which kills weed seeds.

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