Home & Garden: In case you missed it

Home & Garden 08/04/2018

In case you missed it, here's a look back at RadioLIVE's Home & Garden with Tony Murrell for April 7th & 8th, 2018.

Paddock to tub ice cream

For Appleby Farms, local isn't just a place, it's a philosophy. The milk in their ice cream comes from two family owned Nelson farms. It heads straight from the milking shed to their own brand new creamery 15 minutes down the road.

Tony and Helen catch up with Rew Grey, Appleby Farms Ice Cream, Nelson.

Supermarket sleuth

Some advice about what you buy for your teeth, an innovative new product is in the process of being secretly sampled around the country, and Australian retailer David Jones has already moved into Wellington and is now set to open a new store in Newmarket.

Tony and Helen get the latest from the Supermarket sleuth. 

The Great Pumpkin Carnival 

Giant ones, tiny ones, heavy ones and oddly shaped ones – there will be pumpkins of all shapes, sizes and creations on display at the Great Pumpkin Carnival at Hamilton Gardens on Sunday 8th April.

Tony and Helen talk with Tim Harris Morrinsville Farmer and current Pumpkin Growing Champion.

Clothing for compost

Clothing for compost is a place where you can exchange your household organic food waste for store credits. Your store credits can be used to off-set the costs of purchases in store.

Annie Bretherton Founder Rework Network explains how it works.

The Queen of clean

Shannon Lush is an Australian best selling author who specializes in titles that simplify tasks such as cleaning and household management,the Australian "Queen of Clean"gives a few simple cleaning tips.

The magic of the golf course

What does it take to keep the greens and fairways looking “Disney Magical” at The Hills Golf Club in Arrowtown?

Tony talks with Brendan Allen, head greenkeeper of The Hills Golf Club, Arrowtown.

Are Renters getting a raw deal

Of the top reported problems reported at rental properties, 29 percent were for “insufficient heating or insulation”, and 28 percent for “doors or windows that don’t close properly”.

So are renters getting a raw deal from property managers?

Tony talks with Jessica Wilson, head of research for Consumer NZ, and Bindi Norwell, chief executive at REINZ.

Welcome to Camp Glenorchy

Camp Glenorchy is New Zealand’s first Net Zero Energy accommodations. It’s part of The Headwaters, an inspiring revitalization of classic camping, cabins, group gathering and retail services in the Glenorchy community. 

Tony is joined by Trish Love, sustainability consultant for Camp Glenorchy.

Water tap technology

Each is very different, with very different outcomes, but the one thing they all have in common is that technology will have a huge impact on the way we use and manage water.

Tony talks water tap technology with Jeff Lewis from Flow Plumbing Imports Ltd Mt Wellington, Auckland.

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