Tony's tip of the week

Home & Garden 31/03/2018
hydrangea taking cuttings
Photo: Unsplash.

Ever taken cuttings before? I recently spoke with Dennis Hughes from Blue Mountain Nursery in Tapanui. He reminded us on Home & Garden that at this time of the year when it’s getting cooler, we can start taking cuttings to raise more of the plants we want to use at home.

Pittosporums, hydrangeas, hebe and corokia - so many plants that are really easy to produce more of the same or something different to introduce for the garden. No pots and no visit to the garden centre required.

The medium you strike your cutting in needs to have the ability to hold moisture but also be free draining.

You can fit many cuttings into your trays or pots and remember that larger leaf cuttings will require that you reduce the leaf size by cutting it in half to reduce water loss through the leaves or transpiration.

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