Home & Garden: In case you missed it

Home & Garden 04/03/2018

In case you missed it, here's a look back at RadioLIVE's Home & Garden with Tony Murrell for March 4th, 2018.

Online gardening course from rock'n'roll planting designer

Few garden writers are as prolific or as influential as Noel Kingsbury, the great chronicler of contemporary planting design.

He writes for various magazines and newspapers including Gardens Illustrated and has many books to his name.

Tony Murrell catches up with Noel Kingsbury during his New Zealand tour.

Easy seasonal preserves, figs, nuts and stone fruit

Annabel Langbein is a New Zealand celebrity cook, food writer and publisher.

She has published 25 cookbooks and fronted three seasons of her TV series, Annabel Langbein - The Free Range Cook, on TVNZ 1.

Tony Murrell talks with Annabel about her latest venture.

This old house

When it comes to buying and renovating a villa Amy Todd and Tom Fitzjames aren't scared to push the envelope.

Amy talks with Tony Murrell about what she looks for when looking to renovate a home.

How long should crockery last?

Peter Collis has worked with clay nearly all of his life.

The main focus of his work has been the handling of shape and surface. He creates pure form vessels which he then treats in a wide range of methods.

Tony Murrell talks to the expert, Peter Collis from collis.co.nz about the care of crockery.

Building a rammed earth house with a 10 homestar design rating

A four bedroom rammed earth house under construction in the Auckland suburb of Beachlands aims to show that it is possible for green homes to achieve top marks under three different rating systems in New Zealand.

Tony Murrell talks with owner Rochelle Payne.

Hand painted rocks and stones

Rock art - beautiful hand painted stones crafted in Kapiti by aritst Chris Brown.

Tony Murrell talks with Justin Brown about his father's history with rocks and Multiple Sclerosis.

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