Abbie Jury: This week's photos

Home & Garden 10/02/2018

Every Sunday on Home and Garden, Tony Murrell chats with Abbie Jury from The Jury Garden. Abbie shares photos from her collection with RadioLIVE to reference during the show. 

This week's topic: Classical statuary - is there a place for it in New Zealand gardens? 

Above: Missing some bits but not others at Villa Adriana (Hadrian's villa) near Rome. This may be a nineteenth century re-creation of the originals as most had been removed.  

Above: Headless and white at Villa d'Este in Tivoli where the cardinal raided many of the originals from nearby Villa Adriana. This may or may not be one of the originals from a much earlier era.

Above: Baroque style at Palacio de Queluz in Portugal. It is in the grounds of a palace.

Above: Fingerless but with exposed boobs in Eden Gardens in Auckland. 

Above and below: A very romantic but probably modern take on traditional statues in Gresgarth - the garden of Lady Arabella Lennox-Boyd near Lancaster, UK. The placement of this and its companion boy statue in the meadow was particularly delightful and they were not placed as "focal points". 

A modern artist's reinterpretation of classical statuary in the Barnett's garden near New Plymouth. As with the Gresgarth lady, these are not used as focal points in the garden but to enhance the overall interest level of the surrounding area. 

Listen to the full interview from Sunday morning with Abbie Jury above.

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