Home & Garden: In case you missed it

Home & Garden 17/02/2018

In case you missed it, here's a look back at RadioLIVE's Home & Garden with Tony Murrell for the 17th February, 2018.

Tomatoes from the Curious Croppers 

The Curious Croppers are the ultimate vegetable and tomato growers for delicious high quality tomatoes and vegetables - selling to chefs, restaurants and specialty retail outlets.

Tony and Helen talk with Anthony and Angela Tringham from Curious Croppers. 

The future of a "world-famous" sausage recipe

Mokau Butchery owners Graham and Gloria Putt want to retire. They have put their home and business up for sale for $450,000 and plan to hand on their "world-famous" sausage recipes too.

Tony and Helen find out more from owner Graham Putt.

Seasonal passionfruit

Native to South America, this little fruit is high in fibre and vitamin C. Its mildly sweet flavour makes it great for eating. Fiona Boylan from Incredible Edibles discusses.

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