Speed cameras a 'clumsy way' of lowering road toll - road safety campaigner

First@Five 14/05/2018
Photo: File

The Associate Minister of Transport is considering bringing in a new kind of speed camera the previous Government dropped over concerns they could be used to spy on motorists.

The cameras take two images at different points along a road, and calculate vehicles' average speeds to see if any have been speeding.

Julie Anne Genter says they've been "extremely successful" in Australia, Europe and the UK.

But car review website Dogandlemon.com says speed cameras will not significantly lower the road toll.

Editor Clive Matthew-Wilson, who is an outspoken road safety campaigner, told James Coleman on First@Five the rise in the road toll is largely due to an increase in accidents involving trucks, and also a rise in accidents involving middle-aged men on motorbikes.

“If they’re installing [speed cameras] outside schools and old folks homes I don’t have a problem with that,” he said.

You can’t bring back people once they’re dead.

In a statement, Matthew-Wilson said speed cameras seem like a magic solution, but they’re not.

“They alienate ordinary motorists without affecting the behaviour of the tiny minority who cause most fatal crashes.”

"The sad fact is: the idiots who cause most fatal accidents tend to ignore speed limits anyway.”

Listen to the full interview with Clive Matthew-Wilson above.

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