Auckland High School defends pamphlet with meth advice

First@Five 04/05/2018
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An Auckland school has defended giving its students a with instructions on how to use methamphetamine in a pamphlet.

Massey High School runs a Level 3 health course for Year 13 students that requires them to "analyse a health issue", which in this case is meth use by 15 to 24-year-olds.

On Tuesday, students were given a pamphlet published by, which included a guideline about how best to use the Class A drug. It told them to keep less than 5 grams for personal use to avoid being prosecuted, and advised them that swallowing meth is safer than injecting it.

James Coleman was joined by Dale Kirk, Managing Director, Methcon Ltd, on First@Five to discuss this issue.

“The taxpayer funded New Zealand Drug Foundation has pushed the 'harm minimisation' approach for at least the last decade. The theory is flawed and dangerous, particularly when discussing Methamphetamine. Meth is the most addictive drug. It is impossible to use the drug in a safe way”

“Methcon's approach is one of 'Harm Elimination'. We believe that the bar needs to be set high and that the best way to avoid Meth harm is to not use at all,” Mr Kirk said. 

Listen to the full interview with Dale Kirk above.

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