Wellington set to brighten up with LED street lights

First@Five 05/04/2018
Photo: Getty.

Wellington is soon set to get a whole lot brighter with new LED street lights, in light of the old yellow sodium lamps soon to become obsolete.

The announcement came last year with the expected completion date to be June 2018. 

Wellington City Councillor Chris Calvi-Freeman joined James Coleman to discuss the benefits that Wellington will reap with the lights.

The street lights intend to lower the city’s energy consumption and improve public safety.

Mr Calvi-Freeman told RadioLIVE that the LED lights improve colour definition and take the city’s brightness up a notch. Such benefits are expected to make streets safer.

“It just brightens up the atmosphere generally,” he said.

The lights are expected to shave about $225,000 off the city’s street light bill per annum.

The LED bulbs will also last longer, which will save the Council from constantly sending workers out to replace them.

Listen to the full interview with Chris Calvi-Freeman above.

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