Lyttelton port workers to drop leaflets in board of director neighbourhoods

First@Five 22/03/2018
Photo: Newshub.

The Lyttelton Port strike, consisting of some 200 workers, will continue through Sunday. The workers now intend to drop leaflets around the neighbourhoods of the board of directors of the Lyttelton Port Company.

The leaflets will explain the strike, and that the workers have no choice but to take industrial action.

Rail and Maritime Transport Union (RMTU) organiser John Kerr joins James Coleman to discuss the strikes and the leaflets.

“We just want the company to negotiate constructively and respectfully,” he said.

The port workers have taken industrial action in order to improve safety and pay conditions.

“The gap between us isn't that great. But the company simply won't move, we just want the same pay that other workers in the waterfront get,” Mr Kerr told RadioLIVE.

Mr Kerr said that the union has put forward eight options for settlement to the board of directors, which would “cost them nothing”.

“And they have simply not moved at all.”

He said that the board of directors have simply repeated their position each time they meet. 

Listen to the full interview with John Kerr above.

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