Mt Eden cat burglar: Mo the moggy's impressive haul

Cat burglar (no, this isn't Mo) - Credit: Getty.

In the Auckland suburb of Mt Eden, there is a cat burglar on the loose. 

This thief is stealing clothing and not just bras and underwear, but also t-shirts, shorts, and socks too.

The thing is though, he's a real cat burglar.

Mo the cat has acquired quite an impressive haul of clothing from his neighbourhood - his owner Ed Williams has taken to social media to try and reunite the clothing with its rightful owners.

Ed Williams joined Stephen McIvor on RadioLIVE Drive to discuss Mo’s takings.

He says Mo started knicking other people's knickers two years ago.

"Shortly after we started looking after him, we started finding bits of clothing around the house, obviously not ours.

My wife came home one day and found a pair of knickers at the end of my bed that I couldn't really explain.

Listen to the full interview with Ed Williams above.

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