Playground to be built on Parliament grounds

Drive 05/06/2018

Parliament will get a play space on the lawn out the front of the Beehive, at a likely cost to the taxpayer of $200,000.

Speaker Trevor Mallard announced the plans, aiming to increase engagement with Parliament, on Tuesday morning.

"Parliament is a place for everyone, and this space will help demystify Parliament and make families and children feel more welcome," the Speaker said in a statement.

The Speaker says there are no playgrounds near Parliament for kids.

He told RadioLIVE Drive’s Ryan Bridge and Lisa Owen that the idea originally came from a Green Party grandparent.

“And said, well, you’ve got a lot of space there, Trevor, around the buildings. How about thinking of a play area?”

So who will foot the bill?

The Speaker says it will be paid for out of the Parliamentary Service budget.

“We’re not going for any extra money for it, over and above what’s there.

“And we’re waiting for tenders to see the cost,” he told RadioLIVE.

The design hasn't been formalised but will use natural materials and reflect the history of the land.

Construction is due to begin in spring.

Listen to the full interview with Trevor Mallard above.

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