Paula Bennett: 'I did all I could to keep people in their homes'

Drive 01/06/2018

National Deputy Leader Paula Bennett has defended her role in the meth testing debacle that saw people kicked out of their homes over harmless methamphetamine 'contamination'.

Speaking with Ryan Bridge and Lisa Owen on RadioLIVE Drive Ms Bennett said "she did everything she could to keep people in their homes" and her conscience is clear.

Paula Bennett's full interview with Drive's Lisa & Ryan.

She said, "I was looking for every possible house to put people in, to the point that I was putting them in motel units”. 

Upon reflection, she believes that there were hundreds of homes that may have been eligible for families. 

Ms Bennett also revealed she had recently spoken to former Prime Minister Bill English about the situation and for clarification that she had done all she could.

Listen to the full interview with Paula Bennett above.

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