Highlighting your favorite commercials

Drive 04/06/2018

Today on Drive with Miles Davis in For Ryan Bridge and Lisa Owen we looked back at some of our listeners favourite commercials following the Pak'nSave "Stickman" turning 10 today, Pak'nSave posted the early audition tapes from Stickman.

We start off with Leeandra's favorite, The BASF Dear John commercial.

Then we jumped over to an Oddfellows ad which was a favorite of many

After that we had Tracey phone up and tell us the back-story behind the Ohakune carrot and how it featured in an ANZ commercial and how she featured as a extra.

Another popular commercial is the Kentucky Fried Chicken Hugo & Holly featuring two rather plump children enjoying some tasty KFC.

Miles had a favorite of his own the PG Tips Tea commercial Mr Shifter.

Technical Producer Grady's favorite commerical is the ASB bank Goldstein commercials.

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