Working mums penalised when they return to work

Drive 29/05/2018

Recent research undertaken by an independent think tank has found hourly rates for women who become parents drop by about 4.5 percent.

But Equal Opportunities Commissioner Dr Jackie Blue says the data from Motu Economic proves bias.

The research quantifies the wage difference between men and women who do not have children as 5.7 percent, rising to 12.5 percent between men and women who are parents.

Dr Blue told Ryan Bridge and Lisa Owen on RadioLIVE that we need to do better by mothers.

“We say we value the work of raising children - let’s back up the lip service with action to ensure we don’t penalise them financially.”

“There are women who, having had children, lose confidence in their own skills, they’re tired, distracted, may not be as productive,” she said.

Dr Blue said that can often have an effect on their career going forward.

“They really need support in transitioning back into the workplace.”

Listen to the full interview with Dr Jackie Blue above.

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