Major US city moves to quash minor cannabis convictions

Drive 01/05/2018
Photo credit: Getty.

The US city of Seattle has moved to wipe low level convictions for marijuana possessions, which would affect over 500 people.

The city’s mayor says the war on drugs hasn’t worked and people with dope convictions have been punished way out of proportion to their crimes.

Elected City Attorney for Seattle, and occasional cannabis smoker, Pete Holmes joined Ryan Bridge and Lisa Owen on Drive.

Seattle, located in the state of Washington, has also requested to quash all outstanding misdemeanor possession charges. 

A municipal judge in Seattle is reviewing the convictions with a mission to clear offenders' criminal records.

Advocates say having a conviction against their name limits job and housing opportunities.

Washington was the first US state to legalise recreational sale and use of cannabis. Cannabis has been legal in Washington since 2012. 

Listen to the full interview with Pete Holmes above.

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