One in four kids don't like cross country running - study finds

Drive 21/05/2018

It is school cross country running season again. And as kids at primary and intermediate schools around the country get their running shoes on, new research has found that one in four children aged 6 to 13 don’t actually enjoy it.

The study by Sport NZ found while 73 percent like it, that’s well below the enjoyment of playing with friends, at 99 percent.

Physical Education came in at 94 percent and club or school sport at 92 percent, well above the opinions of children when asked about cross country running.

To go over the stats Karen Laurie, young people’s consultant at Sport NZ joined Ryan Bridge on RadioLIVE Drive.

In a statement, she said this data represents a missed opportunity.

Running in the natural environment is a tremendously accessible form of physical activity.

"If we think about offering a variety of options for structuring the event and for how kids can participate, we can ensure cross country is fun for everyone. Considering different kids’ needs would mean that all the students running out there at this time of the year have a chance to develop a life-long love”.

“Schools have an opportunity to learn from this data, particularly how enjoyment varies by age and gender, and by thinking about how to make practicing and racing cross country a fun and quality experience for all young people,” she said.

Listen to the full interview with Karen Laurie above.

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