Shoplifting is NZ's $1b problem

Drive 14/05/2018

News that a Whanganui woman has been jailed for the 45th time for shoplifting has many asking what can be done to curb the act that costs retailers $1.2b each year.

Ngaika Kiu received a three-month sentence after stealing goods from Rebel Sport Palmerston North, Big Barrel, Countdown Whanganui and Pak'nSave Whanganui.

She stole items from Rebel Sport on December 28, and returned there on January 19 to take clothing. At Countdown in January, she walked out with a full trolley while waving a receipt that turned out to not be genuine.

Greg Harford from Retail New Zealand joined Ryan Bridge and Lisa Owen to discuss what can be done about shoplifting and the real cost to retailers.

Listen to the full interview with Greg Harford above.

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