Royal family brand compared with Kardashians, Coca Cola

Drive 18/05/2018

With popular culture inevitably entwined with the royal family, it’s no wonder the Queen and her relatives have worked on keeping their public image clean and positive.

One expert believes the royals’ image can even be compared with international brands, like Coca Cola or Nike.

Prof Pauline Maclaran, marketing and brand expert from Egham University, told Drive’s Lisa Owen the royal family can be seen as almost a luxury brand.

When Lisa Owen asks whether the royal family can be compared with the ever-present Kardashian clan, Prof Maclaran says “up to to a point”.

“People have the same kind of fascination in that they develop what we call ‘parasocial relations’ with them.”

The Queen and Prince Phillip.

Parasocial relations is defined when people actually feel like they know someone intimately when they really don’t, Prof Maclaran explained.

“And we bond with them, emotionally, and through our imagination,” she told RadioLIVE.

With such intense interest from the public and media, Prof Maclaran guesses that the royal family works on constantly curating their public image.

“I think they are trying to choreograph it much more now,” she remarked, especially since the series of various scandalous incidents occurring through the early 1990s.

Meghan and Prince Harry just days before the wedding.

Prince Harry’s proximity to the throne allows the couple to enjoy a freedom to be edgier and seen more like commoners, according to Prof Maclaran.

While the royal family has been referred to as “inaccessible” or “cold” in the past, Harry and Meghan are able to dodge such and even provide warmth to the royals’ reputation.  

Prof Pauline Maclaran believes the royal family brand reigns in longevity, and can easily be compared with top international brands like Coca Cola and Nike.

Listen to the full interview with Prof Pauline Maclaran above.

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