Poverty debate: Who is to blame for this mess?

Drive 09/05/2018
Photo: Getty

On RadioLIVE Drive today, hosts Ryan Bridge and Lisa Owen had a lively debate on poverty.

The pair were discussing how the poverty situation that New Zealand is now facing came to be, who is to blame for it and how do we fix it.

Ryan Bridge was of firm belief that the answer is to take money away from “deadbeat” parents and give that money to schools to help feed kids in need.

His views fired up Darryl Evans from Mangere Budget Advisory Service who called into the show to share his opinion.

"The reality is there are bad parents who have money, there are bad parents who are poor," Mr Evans said. "Overwhelmingly, of the three and a half thousand families that come across our centre doors in Auckland through to Franklin, the parents are good people who simply are poor.

"It's incredibly difficult to put good quality food on the table when you simply don't have the money left over."

Life is tough for so many.

Listen to the full exchange between Ryan Bridge and Darryl Evans above.

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