How does a five hour work day sound?

Drive 10/05/2018

At Hobart-based financial firm Collins SBA, every employee can be leaving work while the sun is still high, provided they get the job done.

They are shaking up the traditional work day after Managing Director Jonathan Elliot had the change forced on him.

After his wife got sick he had to cut back to part time but found he was still getting the same amount of work done.

To talk more about it and how it works, Jonathan Elliot joined Ryan Bridge and Lisa Owen on RadioLIVE Drive.

What the firm found:

  • Shortening the working day had a really positive effect on staff.
  • Many find their productivity improves during a shorter day and employees are less likely to take sick leave.
  • The approach does not work well where there is a need to follow current world events.

Listen to the full interviews with Jonathan Elliot above.

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