High school gives students info on using meth safely

Drive 02/05/2018

An Auckland school has defended giving its students a pamphlet with instructions on how to use methamphetamine.

Massey High School runs a Level 3 health course for Year 13 students that requires them to "analyse a health issue", which in this case is meth use by 15- to 24-year-olds.

On Tuesday students were given a pamphlet published by drugfree.org, which included a guideline about how best to use the Class A drug. It told them to keep less than five grams for personal use to avoid being prosecuted, and advised them that swallowing meth is safer than injecting it.

Some of the instructions included in a pamphlet.

Drug Foundation chief executive Ross Bell joined Lisa Owen on RadioLIVE Drive and said the pamphlet is certainly not a 'how to' guide.

"We provide a booklet which has a whole lot of different information about methamphetamine and part of it does include information about if you are using meth here are some ways to stay safe, and that's really to prevent harm to the person from the spread of blood viruses and so on.

"But it contains information also about what to expect around withdrawl symptoms, where to go for help and how do you support your loved one.

The pamphlet also provided tips about eating regularly and keeping hydrated while under the influence of meth.

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Listen to the full interview with Ross Bell above.

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