Govt taking aim at farmers and nitrate leaching

Drive 07/05/2018

Environment Minister David Parker wants to clean up the nation’s waterways and has indicated nutrient caps and a ban on further intensification are on the way to help him achieve his goal.

To get our swimming holes clean farmers will be banned from putting more stock on their land than they already have and there’ll be a cap on how much pollution can leave their farm and enter waterways.

Environment Minister David Parker joined Ryan Bridge on RadioLIVE Drive.

Head of Research and Development for CRV Ambreed, Phil Beatson told Rural Exchange that all New Zealanders want to have clean rivers to swim in.

“We all know that there are other sources of water contamination that involves all New Zealanders through towns and cities.

“But there is no doubt that dairy and agriculture do have a part to play,” he said.

Based on information related to milk urea concentration in daily bulk milk reports, some 200 tonnes of this ends up leaching into groundwater.

Farmers who get bulk milk reports from their milk supplier are encouraged to use milk urea concentration data to start tracking and improve practices to reduce MU levels. 

Listen to the full interview with David Parker above.

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