Auckland Council looking to levy Airbnb profits

Drive 30/05/2018

This week Auckland Council will decide whether to slap residential properties earning money through Airbnb with more expensive business rates or a bed tax.

Airbnb is rolling in the money. The online short-term private accommodation website is worth $660m a year to the economy, supporting more than 6000 full-time equivalent jobs.

A report from Deloitte, commissioned by Airbnb, says guests spent $781.4m last year, representing 2.8 percent of tourism expenditure across the country.

Airbnb’s New Zealand spokesperson Brent Thomas told RadioLIVE’s Ryan Bridge and Lisa Owen that the company is excited by the new report’s findings.

“It shows Airbnb is an economic shot in the arm for family budgets and local communities.

But Mr Thomas says Airbnb does best when the hotels are full.

Airbnb is changing. It's for everyone.

“We’re seeing hundreds of thousands of boutique hotels and traditional bed and breakfasts now listing their rooms on Airbnb across the world, and so it can be a real win-win,” he said.

“We really want to work with tradition players as well to see the whole industry grow.”

Meanwhile, Simon Milne, Director of the New Zealand Tourism Research Centre, told RadioLIVE Drive he believes Airbnb should be paying more tax here.

Listen to the full interview with Brent Thomas & Simon Milne above.

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