Tougher rules on gun licenses will 'improve safety outcomes'

Drive 11/04/2018
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Police have announced tougher rules on gun licenses with the intention of “improved safety outcomes”.

Acting Superintendent Mike McIIraith joined Ryan Bridge and Lisa Owen on Drive.

From July this year first-time gun licensees with have to sit a practical exam as well as a theory one.

The practical element of the test will include using deactivated firearms and is designed to make people more familiar with the 5 main firearm types.

Mr McIlraith says that as well as teaching The Seven Firearms Safety Rules it will also teach people on how to cross obstacles, how to pass the firearm to other people, and how to exit a vehicle with a firearm.

The Seven Rules include treating every firearm as loaded, identifying the target beyond all doubt, and loading the firearm only when ready to fire.

If those rules are applied there will always be a better outcome.

The test is only for new gun users but statistics show that shooters are often older people and less frequently new users.

In New Zealand gun owners are required to have a gun license to own a gun but are not required to register the guns.

Listen to the full interview with Mike McIlraith above.

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