New research finds tenants get better service dealing with landlords direct

Drive 04/04/2018

It seems that tenants are more likely to get a rough deal if they rent through a property manager than dealing with the landlord directly.

Consumer NZ research says private landlords are more likely to get repairs done more promptly and with less hassle for the tenant than if a property manager is used.

Jessica Wilson is the head of research for Consumer NZ and joined Ryan Bridge and Lisa Owen to talk through the findings.

In a statement, Ms Wilson said tenants who dealt with a property manager were more likely to report problems with their home.

"Compared with private landlords, property managers were also more likely to delay getting repairs done. Forty-two percent of those who dealt with a property manager said they’d made requests for repairs but were kept waiting for a response," Ms Wilson said.

Just 35 percent rated their property manager’s service highly. In comparison, 54 percent of those with a private landlord were happy with the service they received.

Duncan Terris, chair of NZ Law Society Property Law Section also joined Drive to talk about rights for tenants and for landlords.

Listen to both interviews in full above.

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