Hunting and pest control ‘morally unjustifiable’ – animal activist

Drive 06/04/2018

On animal activist says that hunting is cruel, and is calling for hunting of any kind to be banned.

Animal activist Lynley Tulloch told Ryan Bridge and Lisa Owen that she disagrees with pest control through killing and hunting as a recreational sport.

“Certainly recreational so-called sports things are simply taking the life of an animal for the enjoyment of a human being,” she said. “And I don’t see that as morally justifiable.”

“I don’t believe we have the right, as humans, to take the life of another animal for any reason whatsoever,” she told RadioLIVE.

When asked whether eradicating pests bothered her, Ms Tulloch said there needs to be a better management system in place that ensures pests are reduced humanely.

Fertility control, she argues, has the potential to be far more effective than outright killing the pests.

“We need to be dealing with these issues in a far more intelligent way.”

Bill O’Leary, national president of NZ Deerstalkers’ Association, told RadioLIVE that while he admires Ms Tulloch’s passion he disagrees with her views.  

“[Hunting] has grown from the originally reason for hunting in New Zealand, which was to get food,” he said.

“That’s still the prime reason people go hunting.”

He defended hunting as a recreational sport, remarking that “there’s a lot more to the recreational enjoyment from hunting than simply pulling of the trigger.”

Mr O’Leary explained that hunting is the primary method of pest control in New Zealand, and that fertility control has a long way to go before it can be realistically implemented.

“I genuinely respect the view she’s putting across… but we’re a very long way off that.”

Listen to the full interview with Lynley Tulloch and Bill O'Leary above.

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