Israel Folau's gay views 'too far' - Nigel Owens

Drive 11/04/2018
Credit: Getty.

Gay international rugby referee Nigel Owens says he’d like to sit down with Australian rugby superstar Israel Folau and explain to him being gay is not a choice, it’s how he was born. 

Nigel Owens joined Ryan Bridge and Lisa Owen on RadioLIVE Drive to explain what he makes of Israel Folau's comments saying that gays and lesbians are headed to hell.

Mr Owens explains he thinks the key issue is in the way one convey those beliefs.

"I didn't think I was normal," he told RadioLIVE. But he realises now he doesn't have a choice - being gay is who he is.

Mr Owens believes Folau's comments went too far.

"You don't have a choice in your sexuality."

Listen to the full interview with Nigel Owens above.

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