Govt providing tents to homeless to end ‘immediately’

Drive 13/04/2018
Photo: File.

It’s been revealed at least 20 families in the past year have been given tents by Work and Income because there were no other options.

Housing Minister Phil Twyford told Ryan Bridge and Lisa Owen that
“it’s just not right”.

“It’s just not right that in the middle of a housing crisis, the Government is providing tents for homeless people,” Mr Twyford said.

He stated that the practice would end immediately.

“If people are homeless and they need help, we will do our absolute damnedest to get a roof over their heads.”

The 20 tents are the ones that Work and Income know about - the agency can’t rule out the possibility others on the streets haven’t used hardship grants to put a canvas roof over their head.

We have to do better than that.

The Housing Minister explained that the Government has rolled out expanded emergency and transitional housing around the country.

As winter approaches, Mr Twyford said they will house homeless people in motel rooms as a last resort.  

There are currently more than 10,000 people on Housing New Zealand's waiting list.

Listen to the full interview with Phil Twyford above.

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