How to be inspired to become fit

Drive 25/04/2018
Credit: Rachel Grunwald.

To become motivated it helps to set a goal you can see yourself achieving, and about giving it a go.

Mike Puru and Trudi Nelson are joined by fitness guru Rachel Grunwald, talking motivation, goals and what to look forward to.

Rachel says she used to be an unfit mum, and now she runs marathons and works out every day.

A study has found that 33 percent of Kiwi kids are overweight or obese, which Rachel finds appalling.

She says the best plan is to set a goal to scare you into action and,

surround yourself with someone who inspires you.

As a yoga teacher, magazine columnist, and juggling a family Rachel says it's just about starting and the rest will follow.

You can check out here website here, or follow her on Facebook here.

Listen to the full audio with Rachel Grunwell above.

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