Five easy steps to better broadband that’ll blow you away

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Let’s face it. We are relying more on our high speed internet as our digital workload increases. And we’d all like to have a faster, more reliable broadband connection to stream movies, play games and connect with friends and family online.

Carina Willis from Chorus gave Ryan and Lisa some easy tips on how to get the best experience from your broadband connection.

“It’s really important to make sure you’re on the best [connection],” Willis said. “It might sound quite simple, it actually is, if you go to the website You can find out what sort of platform or technology you’re on, and then also what you can get. It’s all about getting the best that you can at your address.”

So you’ve upgraded your broadband to the best available but you’re still having problems with it?

Chorus says it sometimes receives questions from people who may be on a good VDSL or fibre connection but are experiencing buffering, or web pages are taking a while to load.

“My main tip for people that aren’t techy is really sort out the best possible WiFi setup that you can do. We recommend putting your modem in your living room or in the main room where you will use it most,” she told RadioLIVE.

If you’ve upgraded your broadband but haven’t noticed a change in speed, there are some factors to consider.

Old modem

Has it stayed in the same corner untouched for more than five years? If so, you might not be getting the best experience. It's recommended modems are upgraded every five years at the minimum.

Location of your modem

For the best signal, you want to be able to actually see your modem. So if it’s hidden away in a cupboard, it’s not going to give you the best experience. After all, you wouldn’t put a radio in the cupboard, would you? It’s the same thing with your modem.

Ethernet cable

If you have a smart TV but your WiFi modem is in the office or bedroom next to your computer, once again, you’re not getting the best experience. Plugging your Smart TV into your modem with an Ethernet cable is the best, as a wired connection is always better - it also means your WiFi network is freed up.

If you’re not comfortable with wiring the Ethernet cable yourself, an electrician can do this for you.

WiFi Mesh systems

You can plug these in around the house giving you a stronger WiFi signal throughout your home. Shop around, look online or go to your local electronics store. Many of these stores have experts to talk you through setting up these devices.

Technology upgrade

You also need to think about the age of your devices. If your laptop or computer is older than three years, then this will affect your broadband experience too and will likely slow things down.

To check if you can get better broadband at your address visit or head to their Facebook page.

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