Could you spend only $20 a week on groceries and get by?

Drive 10/04/2018
Supermarket. Photo credit: File.

A Kaitaia farmer has set herself a supermarket busting challenge - she plans to spend about $20 a week her grocery shop. All up, that’s just a thousand dollars a year.

So is it possible to ration your supermarket spending?

Lyn Webster joined Ryan Bridge and Lisa Owen on RadioLIVE Drive to tell us how she’s getting on, three months into the challenge.

She says she’s done the math to make sure her one thousand dollar budget lasts till the end of the year.

“You have to, because it would be really dumb saying I’m going to do this challenge and then [I] run out of toilet paper,” she said, laughing.

“The end of [the experiment] is going to be the interesting part.”

Asked what she is eating, Ms Webster told RadioLIVE it’s “not boring” and that she’s still churning through food left in her cupboard, and home kill left in the freezer.

“It’s cool. I love it so much – I’m so glad I’m doing it,” she said.

I’m eating like a queen.

“I’m going to think up alternatives that everyone else can do for protein.”

Ms Webster says her spending habits in the past left her in a sticky situation when she found herself without any money for her business.

“And I really needed to take a good look at everything.

“And I looked at what am I spending – and it was just shocking, it was just stuff I was picking the eyes out of and throwing away,” she told RadioLIVE.

Listen to the full interview with Lyn Webster above.

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