Road safety expert says 'police like police pursuits'

Drive 12/03/2018
Photo: NewsPixNZ

The victims of a crash that ended a police chase near Hope, south of Nelson on Sunday have been named.

The occupants of the fleeing car were 25-year-old Johnathan Tairakena and 33-year-old Phillip Jamie Stretch.

The victim that was hit head on by the fleeing car was Carmen Marie Yanko, 53.

Three senseless and unnecessary deaths that has again sparked the debate over whether there should be police chases at all.

One person who doesn’t think so is John Lambert, He is a road safety expert out of Australia.

Mr Lambert says New Zealand should adopt similar policies to three states of Australia.

Tasmania, Queensland and Victoria have greatly reduced their police chases which has drastically reduced deaths from such instances.

John Lambert joins Lisa Owen and Ryan Bridge on RadioLIVE Drive.

Ryan and Lisa also spoke to Sandra Venables Assistant Commissioner Road Policing for a police view on the issue.

Listen to the full interviews with John Lambert and Sandra Venables above.

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