One third of prisoners should be freed says top lawyer

Drive 07/03/2018

Listen to the full interview with Marie Dhyrberg above.

New Zealand’s prison population is bursting at the seams. There is already more than 10,000 people behind bars and simply no room for more.

Prisons are filled to almost maximum with many rooms already double bunked. So what is the solution? Build more prisons or let some prisoners go?

One of New Zealand’s top lawyers Marie Dhyrberg QC believes that letting go low level offenders is the answer.

She believes that letting go 3000 prisoners over a 12 month period for them to serve the remainder of their sentence is some other way like community service or home detention.

Marie Dhyrberg joins Ryan Bridge and Lisa Owen on RadioLIVE Drive to talk about this and bail conditions surrounding the killing of Christie Marceau.

No victimless crimes

Listen to the full interview with Ruth Money above. 

Ryan and Lisa also spoke to victim advocate Ruth Money and she is not a fan of the idea at all. She says there are no victimless crimes. 

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