Stop sign compliance will get worse, study finds

Drive 12/02/2018
This is a stop sign. Credit: Getty.

When Dr Andrew Gilby was given a ticket for not stopping completely at a stop sign he wondered how many others drivers are guilty of this indiscretion.

So he did a study and analysed over 2000 driver approaches to an intersection with a stop sign and found one in three drivers fail to stop, even when there is a vehicle approaching from another direction.

To talk over the finer points of the study Dr Andrew Gilbey, Senior Lecturer, Massey School of Aviation joined Ali Mau on RadioLIVE Drive.

Summary of key findings:

  • When there was no obvious conflicting traffic, only 17% of drivers stopped.
  • Even when there was obviously conflicting traffic, 32% still did not stop. That is, almost one in three drivers did not stop when conflicting traffic was obvious.
  • When the driver in front did not stop, the driver following was significantly less likely to stop.
  • When the driver in front did stop, it made no difference to the following driver’s behaviour.
  • This suggests that stop sign compliance will get worse over time.

Listen to the full interview Dr Andrew Gilby above.

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