New electrical standards to impact sparkies and property owners

Drive 12/02/2018
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"Standard practice" for sparkies is about to face 194 changes.

Changes to The Wiring Rules (AS/NZS 3000) will be released in March and are expected to become part of the code in early 2019.

Master Electricians says the onus is on individual electricians, not employers, to get up-to-date with changes to avoid fines, or having to rectify work done after March that doesn't comply with the new rules.

The professional trade organisation is running a series of roadshows over the next few weeks to help all electrical workers across the country.

Bernie McLaughlin, CEO Master Electricians joined Ali Mau on RadioLIVE Drive.

He says the purpose of the changes is to keep pace with technology like LED lighting, solar panels, home automation and electric vehicles.

If sparkies don't heed the changes they could be carrying out non-compliant work.

And there's a warning for property owners.

If they get work done that isn't compliant they could have insurance claims declined and may not be able to sell the property until the work is rectified.

Master Electricians estimates remediation could cost up to five times as much as getting it right the first time.

Listen to the full interview with Bernie McLaughlin above.

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