Three horses killed in one day - should horse jumping be banned?


Three race horses were killed during a single raceday at Auckland's Ellersie Racecourse on Monday, sparking debate over the ethics of horse jumping.

The horses were euthanised on the course after they fell and fractured bones.

Tu Meta Peta was euthanised after jumping the first fence awkwardly, falling and fracturing his right shoulder. Musashi was killed after falling and fracturing his left foreleg, while Bahhton fractured his right shoulder on falling, and was then euthanised.

Mandy Carter from animal advocacy group SAFE told Mark Sainsbury the sport should be banned.

Carter said horse jumping is about trainers and owners making a profit.

"They're willing to let them risk their lives all the time, and in this case, three of them died. It's horrifying."

SAFE says jump racing is particularly problematic, "because they're forced to run at speed and to exhaustion."

Craig Baker from the Auckland Racing Club told Sainsbury "it's terrible for the horses and the owners."

But Baker says banning jumps racing is a step too far, and the deaths need to be put into context.

"When you are putting on jumping races, there is going to be fatalities and we try and do everything we can to keep that number as low as possible."

Baker said jump racing is an opportunity for horses who have reached their peak on the flat to prolong their career.

"A lot of these horses that go jumping really enjoy it."

New Zealand Thoroughbred racing has launched a full investigation into the deaths.



source: data archive