One Direction couch auctioned on Trade Me


As discussed between Marcus Lush and Jon MacDonald on 1st May 2012.

Red suitcase (ex-bomb) - once suspected to contain a bomb, and left outside the Mayoress of Netanya's place in Israel. Not sure what was actually in there!

One Direction's touring couch - bidding is up to $5,600 for the antique couch that went on tour with the boys.

A Suzuki scooter, about to do the Tranz Alpine Scooter Safari - no guarantees what sort of condition it'll be in when it comes back.

Only CC's is tasting like deez - charity auction railing against the Doritos corn chips brand replacing CCs in 2010.

Highlanders event for charity - 5 All Blacks at your disposal to raise money for Otago women's rugby. You can go to dinner, or design an event yourself and get them involved.

Old-school lookalike Ford Roadster 1937-style to relive the mafia days.

And following on from the cow-pooling interview, lots to choose from in our cattle category.

source: data archive