Emperor penguin makes detour, makes world headlines


By Marcus Lush

Big after shock in Christchurch. Christchurch people say that they are sick of it. Mind you, they say that after every quake. As you would. Must be ghastly guys.

The number of Kiwis moving to Australia has reached a new high. Shhh don’t tell Bernard, he will get all 'I told you sooey'!

The new Wellington Matangi trains have been grounded because of an electrical fault. Gee, the Wellington commuter service does seem to be a disaster.

Dairy owners, by all accounts, are less willing to sell Kronic because of the hassle. Which does not seem to make sense to me as they reap huge amounts from selling tobacco and booze.

It looks likely that Prince Harry and Pippa Middleton are on the verge of becoming an item. Gee, she is like the fourth Kardashian.

And this emperor penguin who has made a 4,000 mile wrong turn and ended up on the North Island beach is making headlines in papers around the world.

source: data archive