Duncan Garner: Maurice Williamson's approach was pure arrogance


After 27 years in Parliament Maurice Williamson should have known better.

To put it really simply: he was either stupid, arrogant or both. I’ll go both. And now he pays the ultimate price.

He’s gone as a Minister. He stupidly pressured Police over a National Party donor involved in a domestic violence case.

This whole episode shows he’s been in Parliament too long. Power corrupts and Williamson couldn’t see the line, no matter what the circumstances.

It’s not as if there haven’t been high profile warnings over the years. Ian Revell lost his job as Assistant Speaker for contesting a parking fine with the cops – he was a former police officer.

Nick Smith was stood down for using his Ministerial letterhead in supporting a friend in her battles with ACC.

David Benson-Pope lost his job for interfering in staff appointments at the Environment Ministry.

Williamson is an experienced MP and Minister, but even that couldn’t save him from himself. He has always been colourful and worn his heart on his sleeve, but this time there’s no excuse.

That’s why his resignation was so swift. It was done by the textbook. If he hadn’t have resigned, Key would have sacked him.

He’s also paid the price for Key being too kind on Judith Collins and her involvement in helping Oravida get ahead in China. What is it with National and their Chinese contacts and donors? It’s really starting to stink, isn’t it?

Anyway, it’s now time for Williamson to signal the end of his political career in Wellington. He is no longer fit to stand again in Pakuranga. It’s over. He has no future in Parliament. Out in disgrace.

Oh well, he’s probably qualified to go head-to-head with Len Brown now in Auckland, but I doubt he’ll do it.

27 years and it ends like this. Why am I never surprised with politicians any more?

source: data archive