Christchurch earthquake garden toilets


The need for natural relief turned into an all-out toilet war in one Christchurch neighbourhood - as residents competed over the best garden-latrines.

Christchurch resident Claire Dwyer told us how friend Dean was keen to visit the loo on Wednesday morning, but had been left without running water by the earthquake.

"He created a hasty toilet by digging a hole and using a plastering bucket," Claire told us.

"He took the toilet seat off his toilet, so that he could do his business in comfort."

Dean's sister Andie and his best friend Kaine saw what he had built. Both their competitive streaks were ignited by his creation and they set about creating their own garden lavatory, complete with curtain and vacant/engaged sign - more of a throne than a toilet.

Claire says that's when she got involved, with Renee and Shaun to help.

"We even added a tarpaulin as it was raining."

Vlasta and Ben then created the final loo - the recycle-box restroom.

source: data archive