Green Goddess

Mondays, from 1:45pm. Ditch the dyes and chemicals! Wendyl Nissen shares her own natural, eco-friendly solutions to every day problems.

Green Goddess: Lemon dusters

Here's how to make Wendyl Nissen's Green Goddess Lemon Dusters


Green Goddess: Hay box cooking

Here is a how to guide for hay box cooking by Wendyl Nissen.


Green Goddess: Teeth

Wendyl Nissen takes a look at Green Goddess ways to look after your teeth.


Green Goddess: Treats to entice wild birds to your garden

Here are some Green Goddess recipes to bring wild birds to your garden over winter.


Green Goddess: Sheets

Wendyl Nissen takes a look at the best Green Goddess ways to make your sheets more inviting.


Green Goddess: Three basic cleaners you can make in five minutes

Here are three basic cleaners you can make in five minutes.


Green Goddess remedies for cold and flu season

Here are some of Wendyl's Green Goddess remedies to help you get through cold and flu season.


Green Goddess: Laundry detergent

Here's Wendyl's Green Goddess recipe for laundry detergent.


Green Goddess: Natural remedy for nits

Wendyl Nissen's Green Goddes remedy for headlice.


Green Goddess: Quick guide to keeping chickens

If you've ever thought about keeping chickens, here's a quick Green Goddess guide from Wendyl Nissen.


Green Goddess: Ultimate stain removal guide

Here are Wendyl Nissen's best Green Goddess tips for getting rid of common stains.


Green Goddess: 10 great uses for coconut oil

Wendyl Nissen looks at ten of the best ways to use coconut oil for a chemical free lifestyle.