TLDL: How much is (an hour of) that doggie in the window?

Vaughn Davis blog - TLDL (Too Long, Didn't Listen) for 22nd May 2017. Today: Doggieshare, paint colours, and NZ-made platform 'My Tours'.


WINSTON PETERS: Bag National - and watch out!

'Mr Ngaro was only acting in the manner his masters have been doing covertly. The problem is he voiced it' - writes Winston Peters.


VERITY JOHNSON: I went a week without wearing make-up

Last week, a guy I work with suggested to the office that women should go make up free for a week, writes Verity Johnson.


JOHN DAY: All Blacks selection makes little room for bolters

The All Blacks' selectors have the majority of their 33-man squad already locked in for the upcoming series against the British and Irish Lions.


PATRICK GOWER: English has saved TPP... for now at least

The TPP is on again - and it is thanks to Bill English, writes Patrick Gower.


PETER DUNNE: Where to now for drug policy?

Recently, the Police, with significant sponsorship from the Ministry of Health, hosted a major Australasian conference on alcohol and drug policy.


PATRICK GOWER: The Donald makes Five Eyes 'Six Eyes'

Donald Trump's loose use of intelligence shows the Five Eyes spying alliance is now "Six Eyes", writes Patrick Gower.


LLOYD BURR: Hey John Oliver, leave New Zealand alone!

Is anyone else sick of being shouted at by bigmouth British bore John Oliver? Anyone sick of New Zealand being the butt of his jokes?


PAULA BENNETT: Funding for the future of regional tourism

New Zealand’s natural beauty makes our small country towns premium destinations for domestic and international visitors.


'TLDL' 15th May 2017: Give till it doesn’t hurt

Vaughn Davis 'TLDL' (Too Long Didn't Listen) 15th May 2017 - 'Give till it doesn’t hurt: new kiwi platform makes donating easy'


Labour's housing policy could bite the hand that feeds it

Mark Sainsbury writes on the housing issue "someone has to pay the price and Labour has made the first, bold move"


JAN LOGIE: How much longer will women have to wait…

The fight for women’s rights didn’t end when we got the vote. 124 years later, women are still being paid far less than men.