Herald backlash at talkback trash talk

It must be hard for the “old school journos” to swallow the sort of Trump-base nonsense that Hosking bangs out each day, writes Mitch Harris.


Do New Zealand a favour and get a flu vaccine

Opinion: The risks are known and yet some still choose to take their chances, writes Roman Travers.


You’d get Taika’s point if you weren't white

Opinion: Anyone who is not white can understand what Taika Waititi is saying, Anand Hira writes.


New Zealand reputation ‘sabotaged’ by Taika Waititi – Duncan Garner

Duncan Garner has slammed filmmaker Taika Waititi over his latest racism comments.


C’mon Joe - take the money and run

Joseph Parker is a nice guy and a terrific boxer. I wish he would leave it at that, writes Mitch Harris.


Mitch Harris: Apparently we are a laughing stock - but I can’t find any evidence of it

I am glad to live in a country that is so unimportant that the Russians might not have any spies here, writes Mitch Harris.


Mitch Harris: When Jones Goes Rogue

Opinion: It was mere political theatre, an unfair, scurrilous attack on some of our sharpest business minds when Shane Jones attacked Air New Zealand.


Stop beating up dairy owners, physically and metaphorically

OPINION: Nearly 500 robberies or burglaries in the last 13 months have targeted cigarettes and it’s mind blowing nothing has been done.


Still smoking? Go ahead, smoke yourself to death

In the age of political correctness, we aren’t allowed to say that healthcare dollars are being wasted on telling people what they already know.


Govt should use tertiary funding to attract Kiwis into primary industries

Churning out more arts graduates is not the answer to growing our economy, writes Sarah Perriam.


Carly Flynn: A story of resilience

Saturday Fresh host Carly Flynn shares how she learned to push out of her comfort zone on Outward Bound.