ROMAN TRAVERS: I’m dreaming of a dry Christmas

Can you imagine getting through Christmas without drinking? RadioLIVE contributer Roman Travers shares why he is going dry this summer.


ROMAN TRAVERS: Bullying - New Zealand’s dark scourge

OPINION: How happy are you with your children returning for another year at the same school where perhaps complaints of bullying are not dealt with.


Poll: Should council staff travel business class overseas?

Two Auckland councillors want a vote on banning business class travel within the organisation. What do you think?


MITCH HARRIS: Conviction by opinion - her crime doesn't add up

"Twenty-one-year-old Shayal Upashna Sami seems to have been convicted by expert opinion only" - writes Night Talk host Mitch Harris.


MITCH HARRIS: Our Man on the Peninsula

"It wouldn’t be surprising if the US do want Winston Peters to be a Special Envoy to North Korea" - writes Night Talk host Mitch Harris.


Mark Sainsbury: Time to get tough on drivers using mobile phones

There was an anniversary five days ago, an anniversary we missed but is still very relevant.


MITCH HARRIS: National Grief Cycle

"National and its media boot-lickers seem to be exhibiting classic signs of the grief cycle after losing power" - writes Night Talk host Mitch Harris.


MITCH HARRIS: Three-time loser

"I cannot remember an election of such sore losers" - writes Night Talk host Mitch Harris.


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Mr Peters thinks capitalism must be more responsible.


WINSTON PETERS: Let’s make sure our saddest day is remembered


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"National supporters should be concerned that their representatives do not sell their souls to NZ First" - writes Night Talk host Mitch Harris.


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OPINION: Mr Peters shares his views on the news media.