MITCH HARRIS: Conviction by opinion - her crime doesn't add up

"Twenty-one-year-old Shayal Upashna Sami seems to have been convicted by expert opinion only" - writes Night Talk host Mitch Harris.


MITCH HARRIS: Our Man on the Peninsula

"It wouldn’t be surprising if the US do want Winston Peters to be a Special Envoy to North Korea" - writes Night Talk host Mitch Harris.


Mark Sainsbury: Time to get tough on drivers using mobile phones

There was an anniversary five days ago, an anniversary we missed but is still very relevant.


MITCH HARRIS: National Grief Cycle

"National and its media boot-lickers seem to be exhibiting classic signs of the grief cycle after losing power" - writes Night Talk host Mitch Harris.


MITCH HARRIS: Three-time loser

"I cannot remember an election of such sore losers" - writes Night Talk host Mitch Harris.


WINSTON PETERS: Capitalism has to regain its human face

Mr Peters thinks capitalism must be more responsible.


WINSTON PETERS: Let’s make sure our saddest day is remembered


MITCH HARRIS: Would National be better off out of Government?

"National supporters should be concerned that their representatives do not sell their souls to NZ First" - writes Night Talk host Mitch Harris.


WINSTON PETERS: Media turning politics into reality TV show

OPINION: Mr Peters shares his views on the news media.


"I'm frustrated with the demonization of Winston" - John Tamihere

Mitch Harris talks with former Cabinet Minister and former RadioLIVE host John Tamihere on the curious situation Winston Peters is in.


MITCH HARRIS: All we are saying is give Win a chance

"Don’t give me that rubbish about Winston Peters being too difficult to work with" - writes Night Talk host Mitch Harris.


WINSTON PETERS: Our decision will be taken in the best interests of NZ

When it comes time for NZ First to make our decision the public can be assured it will be in the best interests of New Zealand.