13:31 A High Court hearing’s underway in Auckland over the infamous ‘Teapot Tape’ saga.

13:29 A man has died on a Northland farm after his ute rolled on a hill.

13:29 Police have found a dismantled meth lab during a raid on two properties in Hauraki.

13:28 The Government's being urged to step in and address an increase in methamphetamine use in Christchurch.

13:28 A major research project has been launched to learn lessons from the way the insurance industry responded to the Canterbury quakes.

Sun, 25 Mar 2012

World's most expensive model car, Motoring Show with Eric Thompson

The names of people done for drink driving offences, Top Gear TV show in trouble again, the Mercedes 300SL and the Worlds most expensive model car, The Oily Rag Motoring Show with Eric Thompson

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