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Whitebait, endangered languages & The Great Mother Tongue

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Saturday, August 25

Mike Joy

11:30:- Environews. It’s Whitebait season but hat are Whitebait? Freshwater ecologist Dr. Mike Joy on these native fish, their life cycle, the incredible feats they are capable of and threats to their survival.

Natural History book give-away. Whio


Go into the draw to win this beautiful book. Just e-mail Graeme from the form at top left and say Blue Duck please and include your postal address! A winner will be drawn just before 2pm on Sunday.

The Blue Duck, or Whio, is one of New Zealand's ancient treasures, a beautiful torrent duck that once lived on clear, fast-flowing rivers throughout most of the country. Sadly, this is no longer the case. Whio tells the story of how a dedicated group of scientists, field workers and volunteers have set about saving the blue duck.

To find out more or to order a copy click here

Listen to an interview with the elusive but passionate Blue Duck conservator and star of Whio Rufus Bristol here.

Skeptics Conference poster

12:40:-Science report with Vicky Hyde. The NZ Skeptics Conference is in Dunedin from Friday August 31. Just click here for a full schedule of speakers and events.

Colin Espiner Bull Dust

Australian correspondent Colin Espiner has abandoned his desk and is going Walkabout. Hear his latest instalment live and follow his big red road trip here.

NZ International Film Festival

International Film Festival Audio Guide with James Croot. Go here and scroll down to see the trailers. Click here to view the schedule.

Sunday, August 26

Koro language

10:30:- Endangered languages and those that have already been lost, at least in the wild, with sociolinguistics Professor Miriam Meyerhoff. Just click this link to be taken to a truly amazing website dedicated to endangered languages. It’s a bit like Google Earth for languages. Stunning work.

Quentin Atkinson

11:15:- Auckland University’s Dr Quentin Atkinson has just had a paper published in Science nailing the origin of all Indo-European languages... It’s called Proto-Indo-European. What can we know about this ancient language which hails from about 9000 years ago and what shadows of it could possibly remain today?

Proto Indo European

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Momma Cass of the Mommas and the Pappas choked to death on a ham sandwich. FALSE!

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