17:27 Chorus will list on the Australian sharemarket next month. It means eight NZ companies, primarily on the NZ market, will be now be dual-listed.

17:23 Donald Trump is refusing to budge on his promise that Mexico will fund his wall on the border, costing tens of billions of dollars.

16:08 Tension is heightening around the Korean Peninsula amid fears the reclusive North is planning another nuclear test.

16:04 A Defence Force Orion is searching around 17,000 square kilometres of the Pacific for a missing Tongan fisherman.

15:55 Security guards standing at the doors of Work and Income offices say they're coming under increasing levels of abuse and many fear for their lives.

Wed, 17 Aug 2016

What's holding back driverless cars?

Paul Henry talks with Dr. Paul Ralph, Auckland University Computer Science Lecturer, on driving in the future. Is there a major factor holding back driverless cars?

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