10:05 John Key says New Zealand's quota of 750 refugees is unlikely to be temporarily increased , the quota will be reviewed next year.

09:44 A farming support trust says a jump in dairy prices will give the dairy industry a much-needed boost.

09:43 A Porirua man has been charged with the murder of a baby girl on the Kapiti Coast in July.

09:30 A man accused of stabbing a woman he lived with in South Auckland can now be named... 38 year old Thon Lam is charged with murder

09:30 The man originally accused of assaulting a six-month old girl who later died in Wellington Hospital now faces a murder charge

Tue, 22 May 2012

What did Hone Harawira mean by his "white mo-fo" email?

WARNING: May offend some listeners. Willie Jackson and John Tamihere speak to Hone Harawira in the wake of the Louis Crimp affair. Louis Crimp made his anti-Maori sentiment known through a New Zealand Herald interview over the weekend. Hone Harawira was publicly lambasted in 2009 after the leaking of a private email in which he used language such as "white motherfuckers". JT questions Hone about the notorious email and precisely what was meant by it. "Some pakehas would have take your [Hone's] comments as a hate factor against all of them," feels JT. 22nd May 2012.

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