11:08 Breakers and Tall Blacks guard Corey Webster leaves this afternoon to workout with NBA club, the New Orleans Pelicans.

10:51 Tomorrow could be the coldest day of 2015 with a new severe weather warning just out of snow to low-levels in parts of the South Island.

10:47 Race Relations Commissioner Dame Susan Devoy is backing calls for the Government to lift the country's refugee quota.

10:47 The NZ Government will take 100 refugees from Syria, according to a UNHCR spokeswoman. The PM's office says it is still seeking advice.

10:38 Four suspected Syrian traffickers have been charged in Turkey over the deaths of migrants, including the three-year-old boy in the Aegean.

Mon, 26 Mar 2012

Wealthy more likely to buy Lotto tickets when the prize is bigger

Lotto Spokesperson Karen Jones talks to RadioLIVE's Marcus Lush about how Lotto buying habits change when the prize jackpots - says wealthy buy more as the prize jackpots. 26 March 2012

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